Mary Martin and Betsy Marshall have been friends for the last twenty years. They have played the same venues, shared a lunch and dinner, but had never performed together. They found themselves between projects and decided to sit down and see what was there. What they found is that two women can really put it out there. With Mary on guitar and Betsy on piano and acoustic guitar, the music fit like a glove and they were on their way. Did I mention that they can sing it like they play it.

Blues is the core and these women have paid some dues. While living in Austin, Texas, Betsy became the back up guitarist for Mance Lipscomb as well as a solo artist on the Austin stages. In Cleveland, Betsy was a frequent performer at the Smiling Dog Saloon, back in the day warming the stage for some of the nations finest jazz and blues players. She later lived in Boston where she did solo and studio work along the east coast. The blues is in her heart and soul and sound.

Mary had been on the road with her band The Ninth Street Tuna Band, spending much of the time between Chicago and Cleveland. She had the opportunity to work closely with many of the great legends of the blues, including Koko Taylor and Hubert Sumlin. Mary has released 2 CD's on the Tuna Music Label. Her music has received glowing national and international airplay. When she plays the guitar, she flies.

Martin and Marshall is the synthesis of these times spent learning, living and loving the blues. They are road worthy, solid and ready to roll.

"You can hear a passion that
many aspire to, but few own it
like these two vibrant women. 
Their music is at home,
back porch and not to be missed".




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